(VIDEO) Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial by Kim Kardashian West!

So Kim Kardashian West did her own makeup recently and it was SNATCH!

Check it out!



How To BAKE Your Face

Makeup can be quite tricky especially when you’re a beginner. And with the new techniques coming in, it can be quite confusing.

A makeup techinique that has been trending lately is ‘Baking’!

Now, Baking isn’t a newly founded technique, its just that it is a ‘Now Trending’ technique. Makeup Artists, Bloggers have known of this since a while now and it truly can be quite the hack.

Vlogger Tati here, shows you the easiest way to get Baking your face done right!


‘Beach Bags’, Now As Everyday Bags

Remember the Beach Bags, we’d carry only for those summerish outings. Well, now you can carry them as everday bags and totes too.

Here are a few that are just perfect for that casual day or brunch, or hey! perhaps some movie date with ze boyfriend! Check ’em out and tell us which one is your favorite?


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