Jamsu Trend-For That Matte Look!

So here’s the latest trend on how to get the Matte Foundation look without spending a single dime extra!



By just applying your primer, concealer, foundation and loose powder or baby powder and then dunking your face into cold water for 30 seconds, followed by a pat dry!

That’s it? Yep, that’s it!

But for those wondering what are pros and cons and does it really work?

Yep, is really does work and looks super flawless and all of that, however the cons are something you must be aware of.


While dunking your face for the smooth look, what you are literally doing is trapping the makeup into your skin, as the cold water will be closing your pores along with the makeup. Eventually causing more damage to your skin and perhaps even leading to acne/blackheads. So, yeah, not so cool as you thought right?

Also, your makeup removal routine would be even more tedious. Since the makeup would be locked into your pores, in order to clean you will need to open the pores again. So steaming your face or hot towel on your face, followed by a cleanser or a milk cleanser which would be more gentler for your skin. Exfoliate well! Close it up with a cold water splash to close the pores again and night cream please!

To conclude, it only be right to ask, if this technique to get the ‘Matte’ look it all worth it?

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