Eye Shadow HACKS You Must Know



Perfecting that winged liner or just the simple yet attractive eye makeup a task for ya?

Perhaps these tips may make a difference.

Makeup hacks are way too many to find, but whatever works best for you is what you must abide by. And these eye shadow tricks are literally references from the Makeup bible, you must know of.

  • Apply a coat of cream shadow with the help of your fingertips or a brush. Even it out by using another brush and gently buffing out any edges.
  • In order to make that eye look work best, you need to have three brushes. One for applying the product and the other two for buffing and blending.
  • Before applying the eye primer, make sure you clean the area well. A lot of makeup artists swear by Micellar Water, which can totally make a difference. Following it up by a de-puffing cream. Post this routine, you need to let the cream sit for a while and absorb into the skin before proceeding with the makeup routine.
  • When using the brush, use it in soft, circular motions on the edges in order to let the eye shadow(s) blend well.
  • To get the undereye smokey look, use a flat brush to drag out the colour, also giving a sharp look.
  • It is advised (however optional) to do your eye makeup first, followed by your face routine in order to cover up droplets or eye makeup distributed around the apples.
  • Shimmery or mid tone shades can be used in the centre section of the eyelids in order to get a light catching effect.
  • And, finally, in order to set your eye makeup make sure you use the powder eye shadow last for more long lasting effect.

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