Top 10 MAC Lipsticks to Own This Season

Whether you’re in the mood to get dressed or not, Lipsticks can always be a saving grace (apart from Kohl). And when you’re talking Lipsticks, what better brand than MAC!

*Woot Woot*

So here are the top 10 MAC lip shades you gota gota gota own this season.
‘Cause heyyyy, we want you to look nice, ALWAYS!

  • DIVA
    Starting with the best of the season and one which is much in demand, Diva! Casual day or formal evening do, this is the lipstick for you!fca049a61c873fdade1e357be9f495fd

    This warm pink-red lip shade is total must-have. A colour, that goes well with any skin tone, the ultimate go-to lip shade you need when you have a girl’s night or something party-isque.10221657_0873
    The classic red lipstick. Perfect for a fancy date or  formal evening.10221412_3666
    This orangish-red lip shade brings that much needed pop to your look or a tinkle in the eye. It can easily stay on for 5 hours and you don’t even have to worry about the colour staining your teeth.n7fl36mw
    This vibrant rouge colour is our new favorite and also the go-to shade, be it day or night. Love, Love, Love!Mac_all_fired_up
    This gorgeous pink shade is perhaps what you need when you’re just having a casual day but yet wana make that lip look oooo!Pouty-Perfect!mac-please-me
    If you’re the person to like lighter shades then Angel is the shade for you. Slightly lighter than Please Me, if you like shades that are more nude with a touch of pink, then this is the one!mac-angel-lipstick-004
    Tangerine and bright, this ain’t loud but just the right amount of vibrancy that you need on those lips.10221714_7573
    Wine your thing, with a little bit of goth look to go with? This is it in that case. Now Cyber isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but you can carry it off with much panache then show it off like it ain’t nobody’s business.Lipstick-Cyber-15
    Now it may have been a while since this was released but this ain’t going out of fashion that easily. Hell it’s a Lady Gaga edition yo!VivaGlam-Lipstick-Gaga-3002




  1. lucieleannexo · November 20, 2015

    Great post! I’m obsessed with MAC lipsticks, Angel and Diva are next on my list to buy xx


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