DIY: Sexy Backs You Can’t Resist!

Be it any season, sexy backs have and will always continue to remain a trend. Tops or Dresses, Jackets or Coats there’s so much to experiment with that one can try and certains styles never-ending.

So here are a few DIY tricks for the fancy yet sexy backs you must to your wardrobe!

Convert that simple T-back to something as mindblowing as this Braid Tank Top!



Perhaps a plain tee to something cute!





There’s something for naturelovers / for the boho lot too 🙂 #love


Gota loveee this jacket! #UberSexy

Just grab the razorblade and glide it through (carefully) creating parallel lines and Voila!1df9d8a9b47482cead3c427163b17ca0

The simplest of ’em all with nothing much needed except for a needle and thread to secure the knot.

Grab the two ends from the centre, twist together and stitch it up from inside to secure it.



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